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Player Assistant Program - We welcome your participation

The Legacy Player Assistant Program is considered one of the best programs in the area!  Our program consists of mostly retirees who have the time to give one 7 hour shift per week and have time to take advantage of free unlimited golf with cart.  It is not limited to retirees, because we have many full time workers that find the time to help and still get some free golf in.  We are able to offer this program with its benefits and requirements because we have Player Assistants that are dedicated, hardworking, efficient, and enjoy what they do.

Player assistants are recruited to fill positions as starters, rangers, cart attendants, and range pickers.  On your shift, you may rotate between all these positions or spend your full shift in one of these positions.  Our program is flexible and we allow each shift to decide how they will work it.  Individual strengths and desires will dictate what position you will work.

One of Webster's several definitions of a Customer Service Representative (Player Assistant) is a person who directs and arranges the ceremonial aspects of a gathering. This definition fits our program mission.  The Legacy Player Assistant has the responsibility of directing the flow of play around the course and ensuring that our customers have an enjoyable game with a minimum of interference. We can further define this position at The Legacy as the Team Member who provides caring customer service through several job responsibilities that include: preparing the course for play, enforcing the rules of the Golf Course, maintaining course cleanliness, maintaining safety on the course, staging clean carts, picking-cleaning-bagging range balls, and providing customers with information on course conditions

Our program is not for everyone and we understand this.  Please carefully consider your schedule when you consider joining our Team.  Our program attracts golfers who enjoy playing as a group on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Many of them create strong bonds of friendship and comraderie.  At the same time, we have individuals who do not have the time to join in the groups, but benefit by playing with their spouse or play by themselves on the days that fit their schedule.  We have designed this program to mutually benefit participants and the golf club. There are two shifts per day - morning and evening.  Specific start and end times may vary for each player assistant each day. 

The following are the requirements and benefits of our program:

Program Time Requirements:

You must volunteer for at least one 7 hour shift per week. (Seven hours is approximate and may be slightly less or more on any given day, depending on the course needs.

Program Duration:

The start of the season will begin approximately late March and end October 31st. The start and end dates are weather dependent.  Benefits start and end on these dates.

  1. You have the opportunity to continue benefits in the off season by participating in our Player Assistant Winter Program.  For this program, we just ask that you make yourself available once a week or after you golf on those days you play.


All player assistants in good standing have the following benefits:

  1. Discounts on pro shop merchandise purchases.
  2. Free golf, cart, and range balls for yourself
  3. Free golf, cart, and range balls for your spouse, when golfing with you.
  4. Four guest play passes per year for guest who is playing with you. (Can be used separately throughout the year or all at one time.)
  5. Discounts on food purchases.
  6. Free fountain pop & coffee.
* Other guidlines apply.  There are booking time restrictions and limitations during busy play times.  Details will be explained during orientation process.

Click here to download a printable version of our P.A. Application